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How to Engage Positively With Black Men and Boys


This podcast explores how to de-escalate and resolve conflicts when engaging with Black men and boys. In each episode, we provide practical tips for allies of all races and ethnicities to help create safe spaces for Black men and boys. You can help to prevent Black men and boys from being arrested and jailed for nonviolent and unnecessary reasons, from being physically and psychologically harmed by police, and from being killed by the police.

Before you call the police, what else can be done? Why do we ask this? Because, Black men and boys are more likely to be jailed, physically brutalized, and killed by police than other demographics. If you see Black men and boys as fellow citizens and human beings, you’ll see the need to exhaust civil conflict resolutions before immediately resorting to calling the police. The police are not always trained to handle civil conflicts peacefully and constructively. Calling the police on Black men can escalate the conflict, lead to criminal charges, damage relationships, and damange lives.

Listen to the podcast and learn how to be a better ally. Together, we can create a safer and more just world for all.

Latest Episodes

Episode 5

Biases at 30,000 Feet

Challenging Prejudices in Airline Security

In this episode, we try to land on how flight attendants think they are being trained to spot threats, but really they are just using their prejudices. We ask the question: Before you call the police on airline passengers, what else can be done?


Episode 4

The Detention Divide

Encouraging Educators to Tackle Discipline Disparities

In this episode, we discuss how educators can work to correct the trend of black boys being given detention more than other ethnic groups. We ask the question: Before we assign detention for the 20th time, what else can be done?


Episode 3

Fishing For Change

Baiting For Equlity With Friens and Allies

In this episode, we go fishing for how friends of black men can be a supportive allies against discrimination. We ask the question: Before someone calls the police on your black friend, what else can be done?


Episode 2

Race,Rules,and Repercussions

Black Students and Disciplinary Referrals

In this episode, we explore how teachers can foster positive engagement with Black boys. We ask the question: Before you write a disciplinary referral, what else can be done?


Episode 1

Race,Fear,and a Fateful Day

Unpacking a Tragedy

In this episode, we explore how to engage Black boys in our communities as a good neighbor. We ask the question: Before you take it upon yourself to use lethal force, what else can be done?


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B.P., also known as “The Mediator,” is a licensed and certified professional mediator. As the resident expert in conflict resolution and negotiation on the podcast, he provides insights and practical advice on effective conflict resolution. With over 15 years of experience and having mediated over 1500 cases, he has witnessed firsthand the advantages of citizens finding solutions without involving the police or courts. B.P. believes in being his brother’s keeper. He is committed to preventing Black men and boys from being socially, mentally, or physically harmed due to unnecessary calls to authorities in civil conflicts. B.P. draws inspiration from Luke 12:48, a verse that states, “To whom much is given, much will be expected.”


Dev, also known as “The Professor,” is a forever-student, educator, and creative mind. As the resident researcher and bookworm, he provides historical context and an educational dimension to the podcast. He believes that negative encounters with authorities are a form of psychological harm. When Black men and boys are unfairly labeled, unnecessarily arrested, and spend unjustified time in jail, it triggers a destructive downward spiral. Dev is passionate about promoting conflict resolution that doesn’t involve the police to reduce unwarranted encounters with authorities that can initiate the negative cycle. Dev draws motivation from a quote by W.E.B. Du Bois, which states, “A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect.”